About Us

Mission Statement


“Adding Smiles In Every Cup”

The team at Boba Tea House love serving customers through our products as well as giving back to the community. We want to offer our customers a place where family, friends, and students can spend quality time together. Every day we are working to add more premium products and healthier options for our customers. It is also very important for us to engage with our community and support them to achieve their own mission.


Boba is made from cassava root and after it’s cooked it tastes chewy like a gummy. We use “Grade A” boba directly imported from Taiwan. Our boba is cooked fresh throughout the day to maintain the quality and texture. The boba we serve you is cooked in our kitchen and only have a shelf life of 4 hours to ensure it has a chewy consistency with the sweet taste of honey. It can be added into your choice of beverage to elevate your drinking experience to the next level.



Premium Teas

Our teas are freshly brewed loose leaves throughout the day and we brew it for a specific amount of time before incorporating it into our drinks to create the ultimate refreshing taste. We wanted to offer our tea connoisseurs to have the option to explore traditional teas outside of the classic green or black tea. We learned that leaves are derived from a single plant but can be produced into different tea variations based on region, time, method, processing and way of preparing the tea. Our premium teas are essentially loose leaf teas brewed to order and when consumed there is a unique flavor that is associated to each premium tea based on how it was produced.




Fresh Grilled Teriyaki Chicken

It is important for us to serve meals we make in our kitchen using fresh ingredients from scratch. Our teriyaki chicken is marinated in our house teriyaki sauce and grilled on top of a charbroil grill to maintain the juicy tenderness and smoky taste. It goes great with a side of our hand cut grilled vegetables or a fresh cut salad drizzled with our house vinaigrette.